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Upcoming Writing Out Loud
Certified Instructor Training opportunities

January 9th - April 5th, 2006

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Experience has taught us that writing freely allows us to write about our lives in new ways. We begin to look at our lives and our world from different angles, gaining new perspective by putting our thoughts, feelings and worries into written words on paper. We begin to play with our language.

The Writing Out Loud approach to writing, used only in a safe, nonjudgmental environment, does not emphasize the mechanics of grammar and spelling. Instead, writing and learning become easy and enjoyable. All writers are respected and supported when they write. Instructors and students write and learn together. No one is excluded from this approach to literacy. Writing Out Loud allows writers to learn through writing and sharing what is important to them. This type of learning is relevant to everyone.

Through easy, fun exercises, your Writing Out Loud Instructor will show you that this kind of writing can be successfully and positively integrated into your classrooms and curriculum.

Writing Out Loud workshops have shown both students and instructors across North America the use and value of writing as a tool for both academic and personal development.

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