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Writing Out Loud

Writing Out Loud Workshop Reviews

"I just needed to thank you. After your workshop, journalling, which was always so difficult for me, became much easier. I enjoy, or rather, look forward, to putting my thoughts on paper. Previously I had no thoughts, or those that showed up were always deemed silly."

Instructor - Grande Prairie Regional College

"All three presenters were supberb. The first writing exercise motivated me for the rest."

Student - Dryden, ON

"I attended two of your writing workshops at Okanogan University College over the past couple of years and always returned to the classroom inspired by the power of the written word. I have used your book for over 3 years in my classroom in Penticton and have had lots of fun and great results from the exercises."

Literacy Instructor - Westbank, BC

"I really enjoyed the course. That everyone could participate equally. That everyone's ideas were considered good."

Student, Newfoundland"


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