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Writing Out Loud


While originally intended for the Adult Literacy field, this 12 week train-the-trainer course is ideal for anyone who would like to use, or teach writing as an academic as well as personal development tool.

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The Writing Out Loud Training is taught on-line with FirstClass Conferencing Software. The small class sizes makes the course very personal and allows for good fun and insightful learning. You will get a chance to know your instructor, Deborah Morgan as well as the other 10-15 like minded participants from various regions in Canada.

Each module is completed over two weeks, and there are no scheduled "meeting times." You are able to complete the course during your schedule - evenings, weekends or as part of your everyday work. Assignments consist of readings with discussion questions that are answered on-line. Participants also design and present a 3 hour practicum within their own community at the end of the course.

Topics covered include:

  • Common Fears About Writing
  • Creating a Safe Environment for Learning
  • Setting and Using Group Guidelines
  • Group Dynamics and Facilitation Skills
  • Writing and Healing
  • Personal Learning Styles
  • Adapting Writing Exercises for Different Groups
  • Community Writing Groups and Publications

If you are interested in more information about the Writing Out Loud Instructor Training, please contact Deborah Morgan.

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