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Writing Out Loud


These are a few of our favorite web pages that we think you would like.

About Literacy

Grassroots Press
Grassroots Press publishes a wide variety of literacy materials, including Writing Out Loud and More Writing Out Loud. Check out their online catalogue.

The Office of Literacy and Essential Skills
As part of Human Resources Development Canada, the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills promotes literacy across Canada through a wide variety of programs.

National Adult Literacy Database
NALD has a huge web page full of information about what is happening in literacy across Canada. Some hightlights include the learner story of the week and a large database of research papers available to read on-line.

Literacy Alberta
Formerly the Alberta Association for Adult Literacy (AAAL) and the Literacy Coordinators of Alberta (LCA), contains information on over 500 literacy programs in Alberta. Via their website, online conferencing system, /Share/, and through regular bulletin mailings, they regularly communicate with the organization's 500+ members who are involved in all forms of literacy and basic education. In addition to member communication, Literacy Alberta's web site contains contact, referral and membership information, and information about literacy events and volunteer and professional development opportunities.

About Authors

Jenny Horsman
Author of "Too Scared To Learn," Jenny Horsman is an expert regarding the impact Violence and Trauma have on learning. Her web page provides interesting articles and links.

Camp Sark
Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy AKA Sark is a colourful whirlwind of inspiration. Her web page is as fun and engaging as her books and art.

Natalie Goldberg
Her book "Writing Down the Bones," has inspired countless people to pick up their pens and write. Her web page offers information on her books and art and gives updates to what is coming next.

About Writing

Story Circle Network
Founded by Susan Wittig Albert (Author of Writing From Within), this network is interested in helping women to write and tell their life stories. This page provides on-line writing circles which are personal and supportive.

Teacher's and Writers Collaborative
Founded in 1967, this group formed to improve the teaching of writing in classrooms. This page offers great ideas, as well as a wonderful list-serv about teaching writing.

Writer's Digest
Writer's Digest is the publisher of many wonderful books about the art of writing. Among other things, this web page provides many great writing ideas.

Journal of Ordinary Thought
Produced by the Neighborhood Writing Alliance in Chigago, JOT is an amazing collection of student writing and art. Their web page if full of student writing and is really well put together.

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