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Writing Out Loud

Comments From Our Writing Out Loud Instructors

About the course materials:

"Yes, I did recieve the package in the mail. It felt like Christmas. Wonderful goodies. I like the way you have put together the training package - well laid out, easy to read. Thanks."

"Thanks to the instructors for all your help and encouragement. So far, I have found reinforcement for some "oldies but goodies" , some reminders of "yeah - I've been meaning to try that", as well as some brand new "still in the wrapper" ideas and concepts.

About the training:

"So far I feel challenged, stimulated, creative, scared, curious, amazed, impressed, thoughtful, comfortable ... Where's my thesaurus when I need it! I love opening up all the groups folders and reading all the responses. It's one of the first things I do, check to see if there's any mail. I find I'm looking up the individual's bios to see their pictures so that I can put a face to the writer. I would really like to meet everyone in person."

"I am enjoying the training. I like the many wonderful ideas for encouraging writing. I want to try them out on everyone (including my children). I notice many people don't take time to write anymore. It's amazing to read all the trainees thoughts in Writing Out Loud. Imagine having the time to just sit and write, without distractions."

About learning online:

"I loved almost every single thing about this course. Having input available from both the instructors and the other students for 24 hours a day was something I very much appreciated. I like being able to access the materials at any time of day or night."

"The trainers, Deborah and Laurie, were outstanding. I don't know how they found the time to answer everyone's comments and assignments. The camaraderie between participants was great."


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