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Writing Out Loud

Our Writing Out Loud Instructors

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Certified Writing Out Loud Instructors

This is the current list of certified Writing Out Loud Instructors. If you are interested in a workshop, please contact us, and we will put you in touch with the instructor in your area.

Grads of 2008

Lizanne Eastwood, BC
Bridie O'Brian, BC
Pamela Auffray, BC
Katharine Staiger, BC
Joan Silvey, BC

Sany Middleton, BC
Carli Heinricks, BC
Darlene Cockerill, BC
Emily Hunter, BC

Grads of 2007

Lois Maplethorpe, AB
Joan Marklund, AB

Pam Moskie, AB
Bronwyn Prefontaine, AB

Grads of 2006

Allison Power, NF
Brenda Wright, NB
Donna Trembly, BC

Teena Cormack, AB
Hilda Hildabrand, AB

Grads of 2005

Betsy Alkenbrack, BC
Wayne Brown, MB
Tanya Clary Vandergaag, BC
Mary Kiviste, BC
Lynda Heinsma, ON
Jenny Ransone, Indiana, USA

Audrey Gardner, AB
Holly McLean, NB
Janet Isserlis, Rhode Island, USA
Marilyn Campbell, AB
Annie Napier, AB

Grads of 2004

Roselynne Ballhorn, AB
Caroline MacLean, AB
Shannon Stolee, AB
Andrea Pheasy, AB
Martha Simpson, AB

Patricia Huesken, BC
Patricia Harrison, BC
Susan King, NS
Brenda Lee, MB
Donna Hackborn, AB

Grads of 2003

Janet Bauer, AB
Jan Greer Langley, NB
Shawna Johnson, AB
Ann McCann, NL
Wendy McConkey, ON
Tammy Ortman, AB

Catherine Speechly-Pell, AB
Francine St. Amand
Mary Norton, AB
Karen Kennedy, AB
Michelle AuCoin, NS

Grads of 2002

Kim Akins, MB
Heather Ward, AB
Anna Dwyer, NF
Lorn Forster, AB
Louise Lafleur-Joly, AB
Alanna Miller, BC

Sylvia Provenski, MB
Nora Randall, BC
Diana Twiss, BC
Jeanette Winsor, Belize (previously Newfoundland)

Grads of 2001

Deanna Arelis, BC
Lynn Best, NF
Susan Devins, AB
Jaqui Hammett, BC
Colleen Hanscom, BC
Bonnie Ireland, AB
Laurie Kehler, AB
Carolyn Krenzler, YK
Sally Lavern, PEI
Kathryn MacCuish, NS
Sherry Mamakwa, ON

Janet Mantyka, BC
Catherine Mochrie, ON
Diane Mullan, SK
Margaret O'Shea Bonner, ON
Bev Sochatsky, AB
Linda Dawn Pettigrew, ON
Lynn Poile, BC
Sue Qayutinnuaq, AB
Gayle Reddick, AB
Brenda Sherring, SK


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